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Caring for Children

Distressed by the plight of the neglected children of Sebokeng, concerned members of the St Vincent de Paul Society raised money and approached the Catholic Bishop of Johannesburg for permission to build a children's home on Church land at Small Farms, Evaton.

Today, the Polokong Children's Village can accomodate fifty children in five houses. The children – ranging in age from two years to 18 years – have all been committed to the Village care by the State, as a result of having been abandoned or neglected by their parents, abused (emotionally, physically or sexually), or in some other way lacking the care and nurture all children need.

Each house functions seperately to ensure that the institution syndrome is not evident to either the children or to outsiders. Up to ten children live together as a family in each house, with two childcare workers to take care of them.

Our children take part in school activities like any other children. Polokong children love playing sports like volleyball, netball, soccor and mini-league and we sometimes play against other children's homes and places of safety. We take part in cultural activities such as dancing and drama.

Our dreams
Since we are always striving to give our children more, finances are always a challenge.

donateRight now our dream is to build a soccer field and netball pitch on the grounds. We have the space, we just need the funding! If you can help, please click on the football to make your donation right now.

Visit us
If you want to see our last dream project – come for lunch! We recently built a centralised kitchen and now our children's lunchboxes for school will be prepared from here, as well as all other meals for the houses. We've built this kitchen to ensure that our children recieve balanced meals every day and we just need a few more appliances to really operate!


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Latest News
  • To equip all the houses with a computer and printer for the use of the children
  • To buy a 23 seater bus to transport our children to and from sports events.
  • To build a soccer pitch and netball court for the children
  • To establish a veggie tunnel





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