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Global community

The Society of St Vincent de Paul is active in 147 countries where over 55 000 conferences, with 750,000 members and 1.3 million volunteers, provide services to those who are poor and in need.

Representing the conferences at international level is the Council General of the Conferences of Saint Vincent. Based in Paris, since the Society was founded in 1833, the primary function of the Council General is to support the Conferences around the world, providing financial and humanitarian resources for the work being carried out.

It acts as a link between the poorest and the richest countries where the Society is represented, to support technology transfer, economic and financial help, and ensures that funds are used in accordance with the authorised programmes to help the poor.  

The Society’s central administration is handled by the Council, which grants the status of Conference to new groups as they are formed around the world. All of its members are volunteers, and only a small group (of ten people) is employed in the Paris office to provide continuity of service.  

New President General elected
Michael Thio began his term as President General of the Society on 27 September 2010 – the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul. He will lead the society globally for the next six years.

In his inaugural message, Thio said, "The Society today is one of the most respected, well-known, flourishing and inspiring apostolate of Charity worldwide. Millions of poor and needy around the world, whom we call our “friends in need”, are being respected and cared for by the Society. We are part of this legacy that you and I will continue to maintain, improve and carry on as our vocation in serving Christ in the poor.

"We must ensure our service to the poor is meaningful and assuring. Our work must reflect and radiate our Christian way of life as disciples of Christ. We must continue to be an effective working and praying community and having Christ in the centre of our lives and all that we do. We must grow in this discipleship of Christ and be a better person, a better Vincentian and a better Christian."

Let your light shine before men in order that they may see your good works and give glory to our Father in heaven. - Mt 5:16

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Newly elected President General
Michael Thio

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