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'I was hungry and you gave me food ...'

Imagine losing your parents at a young age ... going to live with your granny – along with your brothers and sisters, cousins, and the neighbours' kids.

This is reality for so many South African children, orphaned by the AIDS pandemic.

Some continue living together, with the eldest child – often no more than 14 or 15 years old – having to take on the responsibility of caring for the younger ones.

donateOthers are cared for by neighbours or elderly grandparents. It's not unusual to find one granny caring for up to ten children on her state pension of just over a thousand rand a month. With a loaf of bread costing nearly R8 - these children simply can't get enough to eat.

What is their future? Because they're starving, they can't stay awake in class. They can't learn and so they will never be able to find a way out of the cycle of poverty.

We help where we can with monthly food parcels for those in desperate need. but there are never enough to go round.

Please consider soponsoring a monthly food parcel – or donating food items for the parcels. Your kindness could even save a life.

In addition, we are feeding 2 000 children at 35 crêches in Alexandra Township. These children are weak, malnourished or ill and they receive a special fortified food, called ePap, which has a remarkable impact on their health and vitality.


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Food parcels

Excited kids on food parcel day -
how we wish we could feed them all!

St Vincent de Paul Society is a Public Benefit Organisation (NPO 003/193) and all donations are tax deductible.




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