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Our projects are concentrated in areas of abject poverty, where families live in homes made of cardboard or thin plastic ... where malnutrition is rife ... where families struggle to survive on R900 per month, or less, or are unemployed with no income ... where parents are dying and leaving their children to care for one another ... where there are not nearly enough facilities, homes or services to give underprivileged people a chance in life.

Because we work together with the people we strive to help, to find out how they feel our resources could best be put to use, the projects are as many and as varied as the people themselves.

Almost everything we do is geared towards helping the most vulnerable members of the community – children, the aged, the sick – and providing the most basic human needs: food, shelter, education, employment.

Although we are all volunteers, running our children's home and home for the aged takes money – as does feeding 2 000 malnourished pre-schoolers every day.

We rely entirely on funds raised through our charity shops, bequests and donations from kind people like you to keep going.



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Child headed household

Child-headed households – we help
with food and support

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Inspired by the compassion of Jesus Christ, our Mission is lived in the way we work with the poor and disadvantaged – irrespective of race, colour, creed or status.

Our aim is not only to provide immediate support, but to enable those we assist to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Our desire is to empower and enable – a hand up not a handout.




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