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Why join St Vincent de Paul?

"I just wanted to help people in need.'

'It's a faith thing really. In our small community, we endeavour to support each other in faith and assist each other to live the Gospel message.'

'It is the Christian in me, meeting the Christ in the other person.'

'Helping the poor improves the quality of our lives too.'

The St Vincent de Paul Society is mainly staffed and run by volunteer members – and new members are welcomed with open arms.

Who can join?
All you need to join the Society is a strong desire to follow Christ through service to those in need, and so bear witness to His compassionate and liberating love.

Students and young people join our youth section, St Vinnie's.

You have to be willing to meet with those in need on a person to person contact, sharing of yourself and your time as well as material resources. Above all, we share hope, encouraging our disadvantaged neighbours to take control of their destiny.

New members serve a 3-month probation which gives you and us the chance to assess whether or not the work suits you.

Download our information booklet for more about how we work.

How to join
Most of the work done by the Society takes place at parish level. Contact one of the council members near you or ask at your church. When you join a Conference – which is the basic cell of the Society of St Vincent de Paul – you will attend weekly or fortnightly meetings, which provide an opportunity for members to come together in mutual support and encouragement.

Meetings usually start with a prayer, followed by a spiritual reading and discussion which helps members to plan, organise and review their activities.

The Conference enables us to do together what we could never do alone.


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Inspired by the compassion of Jesus Christ, our Mission is lived in the way we work with the poor and disadvantaged – irrespective of race, colour, creed or status.

Our aim is not only to provide immediate support, but to enable those we assist to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Our desire is to empower and enable – a hand up not a handout.




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